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24 Hours Turnaround Time!

Unique Drawing Style

You will notice your caricature drawing is incredibly look-alike, but it does not exaggerate like other caricatures. That is the definition of my unique illustration style!

Attention to Details

Mole on the cheek? Bold eyebrow? I check your photo by my eyes and then hand-drawn by follow exactly. You surely can spot the details in your caricature drawing.

Highly Customizable

All caricatures are hand-drawn by me in the computer and then convert to vector files. So the whole artwork is editable.

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Eric's Caricature Drawing Service

Starts from:
S$ 35 Template-based Design
+ 1 Pax Drawing Included
  • Add-on Pax:
  • Lead Time:
    24 - 48 hours
    (1 - 4 pax illustration)
  • Custom Background Design:
    (longer lead time)
  • You will get:
  • Artwork Size:
    Maximum Up to
    420mm X 420mm
  • File Format:
    High-resolution JPG Format
  • Watermark:

Eric's Caricature Drawing Service

Starts from:
S$ 35 (Template-based Design + 1 Pax Drawing Included)
  • Add-on Pax: +S$10/pax
  • Lead Time: 24 - 48 hours (1 - 4 Pax Drawings)
  • Custom Background Design = +S$50 (Longer Lead Time)
  • You will get:
  • Artwork Maximum Size Up to 420mm X 420mm
  • High-resolution Artwork File In JPG Format
  • No Watermark

What You Will Get From My Service?

Design Template Database

Not sure about which design suitable for your loved ones? You could pick the best one from over 250 pre-designed templates. I create each design template exclusively, and you will not see it in other places.

Consistent & High-Quality

I will put my autograph to each caricature artwork I made as a stamp of authenticity. So if you love my works, you can assure to get a consistent, high-quality caricature from me exclusively.

Large Size & High Resolution File

Every finalized caricature artwork will send you in large size, high-resolution JPG format without any watermark.

How to Order?

1. Pick A Design

Pick a design from my design template database (you will see a code below each design). Email me the design code together with your photos, as well as specify the date you are expecting to receive the finalized artwork.

2. Confirm Order

I will reply to you with all the answers within a day (normally prompt). Once you confirm everything (quotation, design requirements, & artwork delivery date), I will proceed with this order. Just sit back & relax while waiting for the artwork.

3. Receive Artwork

Normally you should receive 1st design draft within 24 hours (for template-based design). After you have received the finalized artwork, you could print it on items from this guide to become a personalized gift.

What You Can Do With Your Caricature Artwork?

Here are some inspirational photos sent from my clients. They are so thoughtful in turning the artworks into a personalized gift. As a result, the outcome is full of satisfaction. You are able to create a caricature gift like this too from this guide I created.

Running Out of Time? Create Your Loved Ones A Caricature Right Now!

About the Caricaturist

Deliver your message to your loved ones in a thoughtful yet creative way. 

I’m Eric with more than 10 years experiences in caricature drawing. Being known as one of the most cartoon-style caricature drawings in Singapore, I specialised in creates detail-oriented, cartoon-like caricature in 24 hours turnarounds time. More about me.

Want to commission me to creates awesome caricatures for special occasions such as birthday, annual events, anniversary, save the date, farewell, thanksgiving, & holidays? You can always reach me at:

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