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Cheapest Canvas Printing & Photo Framing Service In Singapore

    When searching for canvas printing or photo framing in Singapore, do you see the words “the cheapest canvas printing” or “lowest price guaranteed” very often? Apparently, does that mean low price but also cheap printing quality?

    Sometimes clients ask me where to get the caricature artwork I’ve done for them to print as a farewell gift. As you may know, finding the right printer online will sometimes be confused & fussy. Moreover, you will need to consider these 4 factors: price, printing options, order user-interface, & delivery speed.

    Therefore I have summarised all the suggested printers in this post, providing you the solution in details:

    Lowest Price, Decent Quality Canvas Prints, Deliver to Your Doorstep

    Cheapcanvasprints (Canvas Prints)

    CheapCanvasPrints (CCP) is a company located in MacPherson, Singapore. Indeed, as per name called, the CCP guaranteed what they offered the best canvas printing price in Singapore. Otherwise, you can get a price discount if you can find a lower price, made in Singapore canvas print with the same specifications.


    • Best price canvas printing in Singapore
    • Sturdy wooden frame in 3cm thickness
    • Various wrapping options available
    • Short delivery time (5 days)
    • Express delivery option available (3 days)


    • Handle all questions and order inquiries strictly via email only
    • High delivery charges (flat-rate S$23)

    Printcious (Canvas Prints)

    Printcious is located in Malaysia, specializing in photo gift printing, and canvas printing is one of their top sellers. For one thing, Printcious do ship to Singapore at a flat-rate of S$10 only. They are running different promotions from time to time to ensure they are competitive.


    • Unbeatable price
    • Easy-to-use online order user interface
    • Flat-rate $S10 delivery charge


    • Ship from Malaysia
    • Sturdy wooden frame in 1cm thickness
    • 8 – 10 working days in delivery time
    • No express delivery option

    Low Cost, High Quality Framed Prints In Singapore

    IKEA + PrintForFun (Framed Prints) – The Hacked Solution

    Being trusted by many of us, IKEA, without a doubt, is a well-known brand where you can get some good quality photo frames with a wide selection of shapes, colors, and sizes. Besides, PrintForFun is a photo printing company located in Singapore that can print your photo size specialize for most IKEA photo frames.


    • The lowest cost option
    • Industry-standard photo printing quality
    • Easy-to-use online order user interface
    • Express delivery & next day delivery option available (PFF)


    • Some photo frames from IKEA may come out of stock during the festive season.
    • Because of a different company, given that you need to pay delivery charges on 2 sides (PFF & IKEA)

    Seriousprint (Framed Prints)

    Generally, Seriousprints is a sister brand of PrintForFun based in Singapore, which they believe that photo gifts and photo printing should be simple and convenient. They have put a lot of effort into the online ordering system. With this purpose in mind, you will notice that their online user interface is straightforward to use.


    • Competitive price
    • Industry-standard photo printing quality
    • Easy-to-use online order user interface
    • Express delivery & next day delivery options available


    • Frame color available in classic black only
    • Limited framing option available

    My Little Help to You

    In conclusion, with these websites & useful information above, you may choose one of the options to get a canvas printing and photo framing service in Singapore at the cheapest price rate. If you don’t want fussy, I can help you send the finalized caricature artwork to one of these printers. Provided you could let me know upfront while inquired to my service.