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7 Uncommon Photo Gifts You Could Customise In Singapore

    When we talk about customise photo gifts that are uncommon in Singapore, that means you won’t usually see it on SG websites easily. As you may know, photo gift is about print your own photos on it to become a personalized gift. What if you want to print something really rare to find in Singapore with no minimum order quantity? Well, If you are looking for something that is really uncommon in Singapore, here is our top 7!

    1. Luggage Cover by Convergent Shoppe (S$52)

    How do you protect a suitcase from scratches? Wrap it up with luggage cover! Encasing your luggage in luggage cover not only protects it from scrapes and scratches, but it’s also a slight deterrent for the wide range of folks who’ll be handling your luggage on its journey. Another reason is you will easily spot your luggage with its unique luggage cover on in a sea of similar yet-to-be-claimed bags on the carousel. And the third reason is to keep your luggage from accumulating dust while in storage between trips. What is better than your sweet family portrait luggage cover?

    2. Laptop Sleeve by Photobook Singapore (from $19.95)

    Let’s get your laptop protected with this high-quality laptop sleeve that uniquely represents your taste & style. There are 2 sizes available, and it is fitting to most 13” and 15” laptops, the polyester sleeves come with black side and a white surface that’s let you customise with your own photos or design.

    3. Custom Shaped Pillow by Clone A Pillow (from S$29.95)

    Clone A Pillow allows you to customise your own pillows, and basically make anything you want into a huggable companion. They offer free doorstep delivery in Singapore with no minimum spending.

    4. Beddings by Convergent Shoppe (from S$125)

    Using your photos and designs to create a personalised bedding set, will make a great focal point in the bedroom. Bringing the eye towards the bed will draw your attention better into the room. By creating your own personalised design, your bedding will truly be one in a million. This bedding set comes with one duvet cover and two pillowcases, available in king, queen/full, and twin size. This is good to send as a housewarming gift to your families & friends.

    5. Board Game Photo Art by Picxel (from S$99)

    Picxel is a board game made of bricks which creates an art piece using your choice of photo.

    Creating a unique product with families & friends is a fun, collaborative, and bonding activity. When put together by oneself, the product offers great therapy, with the reward of seeing your very own picture come to life. Thus allowing you to tune into your zone to turn your pile of pieces into gorgeous art.

    6. Luggage Tag by Photobook Singapore (from S$13.90)

    Set yourself apart from the rest by print this stylish and sturdy luggage tag with your own photos or designs. Perfect for everything from gym bags, backpacks, luggage and more. It is also infused with a special coating to protect it from rust and oxidation. The function of the genuine leather strap is to secure your luggage tag in place. There are 2 sizes available. It’s made to last as it is water-resistant and easy to maintain.

    7. Wall Mount Skateboard by Convergent Shoppe (from S$80)

    Instead of an ordinary wooden framed photos or high-quality canvas prints, isn’t that awesome to print on skateboards? Whether you are embracing pop culture imagery or showing off your own individuality, this unique wall mount skateboards surely represents your vibe! 1, 3, or 5 fly options available.

    There are the 7 uncommon photo gifts you could customise in Singapore that we believe you will like it. If you want something special other than your own photos, you could commission Eric to create a digital caricature drawing so that you could turn it into a truly unique caricature gift via the websites above. All the items as suggested above are make-to-order. Please always place your order earlier to get it in time.

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