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Top 5 Farewell Gift Ideas For Your Colleagues In Singapore

    The top 5 farewell gift ideas for colleagues in Singapore specially dedicated to you. So are you still looking for a farewell gift for your colleague who left soon? Please read on.

    1. Passport Cover & Luggage Tag – The Imprint (S$48.90)

    Are they going to further studies or working abroad? How about getting some personalised passport cover & luggage tag for them as a farewell gift? With 3 pockets and 3 card slots, the passport holder will neatly organise their passport, boarding pass, cards and all other essentials. The Luggage Tag is the perfect combination for their next travel plans! Both items come with personalized monogram font on the front cover!

    2. ‘Huah ah!’ Farewell Poster – teesaurus (S$16.90)

    Tee-Saurus brings you a series of farewell posters for you to tell your office colleague how much they meant to you. Write and scribble your wishes together on the premium metallic paper, framed nicely. Make your thought count with this special gift from Tee-Saurus and bring on that happy vibe to the new office or workplace! Send them your best wishes!

    3. Singapore Map Poster – Giftslessordinary (S$55.00)

    This unique Singapore map poster which weaved of discarded cassette tapes and videotapes to help save the global e-waste. Each Singapore city map poster is hand-weaved using of cassette tapes by our artisan. Productionation also allows you to customised your own city. Isn’t that amazing?

    4. Singapore Breakfast Tea – TWG Tea (S$42.00)

    TWG Tea is a Singaporean luxurious brand with its wide selection of teas, shining gold color tablewares, as well as the flavourful desserts. One of the series – the Singapore Breakfast Tea is a noble TWG Tea breakfast blend evocative of the sophisticated harmony of Singapore. Boasting a natural blend of green tea, black tea, rich vanilla and rare spices, this tea yields a complex flavour with a sweet and lingering aftertaste. It is definitely a good quality tea in amazing packaging. Therefore this is a perfect farewell gift for your colleague who likes tea or likes something that represents Singapore.

    5. Caricature Drawing – Farewell-Gift (from S$35.00)

    When we are looking for a farewell gift for colleagues, caricature drawings has become one of the best options. With over 250 exclusive templates available, can get your colleague’s caricature drawings ready in 24 hours (terms & condition apply). You will see the caricaturist drawing style is different from others. It will look like a Japanese anime/manga style yet still very look-alike from the photo.

    That’s it! These are top 5 farewell gift ideas for colleagues in Singapore that we believe you will like it. Check them out now & always prepare a farewell gift for your colleague earlier to avoid disappointment.

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