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Creative Gift Ideas For Colleague Who Leave The Company Soon

    Running out of gift ideas?

    Are you running out of gift ideas for your beloved colleague who will be leaving the company soon? Due to the recent spike of Covid cases in Singapore, are you desperately looking for a good gift solution online?

    What’s Define As ‘A Good Gift’ For Your Colleague?

    A good gift solution can be defined as an item that is beautifully designed, personalized, and affordable. If that item can resemblance the recipient’s personality is definitely a plus point. Perhaps if order from online gift shops is too mainstream, how about a revolutionary caricature drawing that can be done in a short time (24 hours turnaround) with a wow factor? That will be awesome right?

    A conservative or traditional caricature is not something new. But you will like my unique drawing style which is more of the Japanese anime style without exaggerating the facial expression, yet still very look-alike to the person in the photo.

    Over 250 Predesigned Templates

    Furthermore, there are over 250 predesigned templates for your choice. Thus, you can easily pick a template that matches your occasion. To resemblance your colleague/teammate even further, I can customize a new background design for you too. Here are a few case studies of my works:

    Case Study 1:

    W.S works in one of the leading banks in Singapore. She would like to gift a caricature art to her boss as well as the teammates (all will be leaving the company soon). W.S has commissioned me to create a caricature artwork that needs to represent their ‘team spirit’. At first, there is nothing much idea she was able to provide. After discussing further, we end up reaching a mutual agreement that the design will be in the ‘spaceship’ theme. This is because her existing office is in a ‘space’ theme too.

    WhatsApp conversation with W.S.
    This was the rough sketch I created for W.S.
    The artwork has been watermarked.

    Case Study 2:

    Miss J’s colleague is leaving the company soon. She had commissioned me to create a caricature of the team (11 of them) with a special request. That is, she needs me to include one of Singapore’s Heritage – the Dragon Playground as the custom background design. The reason for this was the Dragon Playground is the icon in front of their office.

    WhatsApp conversation with Miss J
    The artwork has been watermarked.

    Case Study 3:

    Mr. A was the vice president of one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Singapore. After working in the company for 13 years, he wants to send some thoughtful farewell gifts to his coworkers who reside in different countries thought Southeast Asia before he is leaving. As a great leader of the team, Mr. A commissioned me to create an ASEAN edition of the Avengers team caricature artwork for his colleagues.

    WhatsApp conversation with Mr. A
    The artwork has been watermarked.

    You can find more custom background designs like these on my templates page. Moreover, you could print the finalized artwork onto items from this guide I prepared to become a personalized gift.

    Being one of the best farewell gift ideas for your colleague (who will be leaving), a caricature art piece like this will put a smile on your colleague’s face without fail! However, creating a caricature with a custom background design may take time, so please make a reservation with me to avoid disappointment.