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Looking For Cartoon Caricature Drawing Service In Singapore?

    Eric at Morty Studio Hong Kong in year 2007

    Discover the caricaturist Eric, who has been offered cartoon caricature drawing service in Singapore (and other counties) for more than a decade. Eric is a Malaysian. He starts his caricature service since 2006 November. At the early stage of his caricature services, he partnered with his brother who stays in Hong Kong. Eric creates a brand named Morty, which specialized in the cartoon caricature drawing. His brother gets the brand to Hong Kong market and opened a shop for this service, named Morty Studio.

    Those Were The Days In Hong Kong

    At the time, Morty Studio provide both caricature drawing & imprint services to their customers too such as mugs, canvas, cushion cover, t-shirt, puzzle, keychain and etc. Thus you are able to create a caricature gift from zero to hero right from Morty Studio.

    Due to the unique services, Morty Studio had gained lots of customers and fans in Hong Kong. Morty Studio has been featured on many media presses such as TVB, i-CABLE, Today Hong Kong, Face magazine, and many more.

    Bring Back The Caricature Drawing Service to Malaysia

    Featured on Sin Chew Daily

    Back in 2008, Eric had his service back to Malaysia during Chinese New Year with a new domain name (inactive now). One of the hot-selling yet creative products, the Morty Red Packets, has gained lots of media attention in Malaysia.

    In 2011, Eric had created another 2 viral products named Morty Frame & Qubee Morty. Morty frame is a hand-crafted acrylic frame. Qubee Morty is a hand-crafted mini-doll using paperboard. Both unique products get high market demands in 2012.

    Expand Caricature Drawing Service to Singapore

    Eric never stops chasing his dream. In 2014, he is enter the Singapore market with his one-stop solution service. MortyGifts Singapore let you order a caricature gift with a wide range of choices. This includes mugs, canvas, cushion cover, t-shirt, puzzle, keychain, and more.

    With more variety of printable materials on the market, Eric’s customers suggested offering caricature artworks in soft-copy only. So they have more flexibility in ordering whichever printable products they like on other gift printing websites. Due to this reason, Eric had decided to create another new website named This website offers customer only high-quality soft-copy caricature artworks.


    During that time, there are more corporates & government sector clients commissioned Eric to create group caricatures for their farewell parties. Those companies are Bridgestone Singapore, Singapore Police Force (SPF), Singapore Tourism Board, BASF Singapore, and etc. Other than this, Eric’s cartoon caricatures drawing has attracted many customers from USA and Australia too.

    So are you looking for cartoon caricature drawing service in Singapore? Look no further, you can order a high-quality caricature drawing from Eric at with confident. 24 hours turnaround time is available.

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