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Top 5 Gender Neutral Christmas Gift Ideas Below $40 In Singapore Your Colleagues Will Love

    Looking for Christmas gift ideas for colleagues?

    Are you still looking for Christmas gift ideas in Singapore that are within your budget? Generally, gifts that are intended to be put on the recipient’s body, such as perfume, lotion, shirts, or jewellery, are too personal to give to work colleagues. Gag gift(a gift given at a gift exchange in Christmas time that is strictly to piss off the receiver) should also be avoided because they can be hit, especially if you don’t know the recipient that well.

    You Can’t Go Wrong With Unisex Christmas Gift

    No matter what the lucky person’s into something that’s gender neutral (unisex) is sure to please every personality, taste, or style. As a result, go with a gender neutral gift is definitely a wise choice. There are plenty of great gift choices out there, but they can be affordable and won’t break the bank.

    Need some ideas? Here are the top 5 gender neutral Christmas gift ideas in Singapore below $40 that your colleagues will love:

    1. ÖJULF Laptop Support by IKEA ($35)

    ÖJULF Laptop Support by IKEA

    Be your colleague’s supporter with this laptop support accessory by IKEA. Send them some ‘support’ with this useful Christmas gift. It’s easy to clean, and the fabric cover is removable & machine-washable. Great for your colleague who likes multitasking.

    2. Edifier X2S True Wireless Earbuds ($36.11)

    Edifier X2S True Wireless Earbuds

    Even if your colleague already has a pair of earphones, they wouldn’t reject an extra pair of earbuds too because they tend to be misplaced their earphones often.

    The Edifier X2S True Wireless Earbuds definitely a gift that is practical for all recipients, especially for your colleagues who enjoy being entertained quietly through music on their earphones. Reviews say that Edifier X2S True Wireless Earbuds are perfect for sports and gaming too!

    3. The Impossible Bottle Display Case ($27.97)

    The Impossible Bottle

    Instead of sending your colleague a photo frame that most of them are received the year before, you could send them something special – the Impossible bottle display case by Mrply. It’s hard to squeeze a miniature/toy into a bottle, but now it’s easy to squeeze in anything else. Your colleague can simply insert their memorabilia through the bottom lid, either standing or lying on its side. The result is so magical! And yes, the black colour stand is included too. 

    4. Christmas Theme Caricatures by (from $35)

    Surprise your colleague with their unique caricature this year! With the exclusive Christmas theme design templates ready for you, you could definitely commission the caricaturist to creates an awesome Christmas caricature in just 24 hours lead time.

    5. Festive Bon Bon Box of 6 by Mr. Bucket ($34.50)

    Who doesn’t love chocolate? And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a sweet tooth-loving friend or family member, then look no further than homegrown artisanal chocolaterie Mr. Bucket chocolaterie. We’re particularly fond of their bon bon boxes, which feature handmade chocolates arranged in a Christmas tree-like pattern. You can choose from a box of 6 ($34.50) or 15 ($70), each of which come in six flavours: Yuzu Tart, Peppermint Cookie, Mont Blanc Raspberries, Fig and Balsamic, Eggnog and Piedmont Haze Nut. The last two contain alcohol.

    So these are the top 5 Christmas gift ideas in Singapore below $40 we believe that your colleagues will love. Receiving gifts is great and all but eventually, it’s the thought that counts.

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